Weekly Tech Wrap-Up 9-23-2023

Weekly Tech Wrap-Up 9-23-2023

Weekly Tech Wrap-Up 9-23-2023, a week in which Linux for beginners, coding jobs safe from AI, changing the Safari private browsing search engine in iOS 17, and Chrome’s new ‘read aloud’ mode captivated our readers the most. Today, we look back at this week’s ten most engaging articles from the Tech Help Knowledgebase social media feeds. We order the summaries below by user engagement — the stories our users interacted with the most. Articles are in descending order, with the most engaging story first. Our human-curated social media feeds include links to technology news, how-to and help articles, and video tutorials for common issues.

Stories curated for our feeds are from our staff writers or culled from third-party sources that produce content related to the categories covered by our site. See the summaries and links below for this week’s top stories by user engagement. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to interact with our feeds.

Top 10 Most Engaging Stories This Week

1. Linux for beginners | XDA Developers

Linux is a family of operating systems that use the Linux kernel. Many different distributions of Linux exist, and they run on devices like laptops, desktops, and servers. Linux is a good choice for beginners because it is free and open-source and comes with support available from a large user and developer community. To get started with Linux, choose a distribution and install it on your computer. Once installed, explore the desktop environment and install applications. The many different desktop environments make it easy to choose one that suits your needs.

2. ChatGPT Isn’t Coming for Your Coding Job | WIRED

Some fear exists that AI will replace software engineers. Although there is a history of failed attempts to automate programming tasks, AI will instead make software engineers more productive and essential by eliminating dull tasks.

3. How to change search engine in Safari private browsing in iOS 17 | Apple Insider

This article explains how to change the search engine in Safari private browsing in iOS 17. It discusses what private browsing is, how it has changed in iOS 17, and how to change the search engine in private browsing. Private browsing now allows users to choose a different search engine than the one they use in regular browsing. The default search engine for private browsing is the same as the default search engine for regular browsing.

4. Chrome tests ‘read aloud’ mode to shrink Microsoft’s accessibility Edge | ZDNET

Google Chrome is testing a new read-aloud feature that helps visually impaired people or those with difficulty reading. The feature is still under development and is only available in the Canary build of Chrome. Read-aloud includes a visual component that highlights each sentence when read.

5. Five important iOS 17 security features coming to iPhone | 9to5Mac

iOS 17 brings five new security features to the iPhone: requiring Face ID to unlock private browsing, better tracking prevention, automatically deleting verification codes, new Photos privacy permissions, and automatic Check-In texts in Messages. Users may choose whether to share their entire photo library with apps or just specific photos. Check-In can automatically alert friends or family when you have reached a desired destination.

6. Picking Up Your iPhone 15 Today? Change These 4 iOS 17 Settings Right Away | CNET

Anyone picking up a new iPhone 15 should change these 4 iOS 17 settings: Turn on Face ID to browse privately in Safari, automatically delete your verification codes, make haptic feedback faster, and enable the Level feature for your camera.

7. iOS 17 includes these new security and privacy features | TechCrunch

Apple’s new security and privacy features in iOS 17 include protecting high-risk users like journalists and activists, anti-tracking features, and password sharing. iOS 17 also includes Lockdown Mode, which disables certain features to make iPhones more secure, and passkeys, which offer a phishing-resistant password alternative.

8. Signal Messenger Introduces PQXDH Quantum-Resistant Encryption | The Hacker News

The latest Signal Messenger update adds quantum-resistant encryption to safeguard against future quantum computing breaking existing encryption. Signal uses a hybrid approach to quantum-resistant encryption and will disable the old encryption protocol after everyone updates.

9. The iPhone 15 has a new optimized charging setting — here’s how it works | The Verge

Apple introduces a new Optimized Charging feature with the release of the iPhone 15 Pro. This feature reduces the time the iPhone spends at 100% charge, which helps to extend battery life. Optimized Charging uses machine learning to learn your daily charging routine and adjust charging accordingly. Users have the option to disable Optimized Charging if desired.

10. Secure Browser Tech Is Having a Moment | Dark Reading

There is a growing popularity of secure browsers. The trend of cloud-based businesses moving to browser-based applications has led to an increase in cyberattacks targeting browsers. Secure browsers and browser isolation protect against these attacks. Companies are increasingly deploying secure browser solutions as a result.

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