Weekly Tech Wrap-Up 6-3-2023

Weekly Tech Wrap-Up 6-3-2023

Weekly Tech Wrap-Up 6-3-2023, a week in which Firefox’s unskippable VPN ad debacle, undeletable macOS malware, and expected new macOS 14 and iOS 17 features captivated our readers the most. Today, we look back at this week’s ten most engaging stories from the Tech Help Knowledgebase social media feeds. We order the story summaries below by user engagement — the stories our users interacted with the most. Stories are in descending order with the most engaging story first. Our human-curated social media feeds include links to technology news, how-to and help articles, and video tutorials for common issues.

Stories curated for our feeds are from our staff writers or culled from third-party sources that produce content related to the categories covered by our site. See the summaries and links below for this week’s top stories by user engagement. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to interact with our feeds.

Top 10 Most Engaging Stories This Week

1. Mozilla apologizes for unskippable VPN ads shown in Firefox (TechSpot)

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, recently started showing fullscreen ads for its VPN service to Firefox users. The ads were met with universal displeasure, as many users felt they were intrusive and violated Firefox’s core values. Mozilla has since apologized for the ads and has stopped showing them. The company has also said that it will be more transparent about its advertising practices in the future.

2. This macOS flaw lets hackers install ‘undeletable’ malware on your Mac (Tom’s Guide)

A newly discovered bug in macOS could allow hackers to install “undeletable” malware on vulnerable Macs. Microsoft researchers discovered the flaw, dubbed Migraine, which allows attackers to bypass macOS’ System Integrity Protection (SIP) security feature. To protect yourself from this vulnerability, update your Mac with the latest security updates.

3. How to Check For and Remove Malware From Your Mac (The Mac Observer)

To check for malware on your Mac, you can look for suspicious login items and unwanted applications. Suspicious login items are programs that start up when your Mac boots up, and unwanted applications are programs that you don’t remember downloading or using. To remove login items, open System Preferences and go to General > Login Items. To remove unwanted applications, open Finder and go to Applications. Delete any apps that you don’t recognize.

4. 13 Big Changes We Want in MacOS 14 (PC Mag)

Apple is likely to announce new macOS 14 features at its 2023 WWDC event. Some of the changes that users are hoping to see include desktop widgets, a Dynamic Island feature, split-screen Safari, Stage Manager improvements, a Darker Desktop Folder Icons option, and more.

5. iOS 17: New features, release date, and more (9to5Mac)

Analysts and insiders expect the release of iOS 17 next week at Apple’s WWDC. Some of the rumored new features include a redesigned lock screen, new health features, and improved notifications. The update is also expected to bring new features to CarPlay and other Apple products.

6. AI presents ‘risk of extinction’ on par with nuclear war, industry leaders say (Engadget)

A group of industry leaders and AI experts have warned that artificial intelligence (AI) poses an existential risk to humanity, on par with nuclear war and pandemics. The letter, released by the Center for AI Safety, calls on governments, businesses, and the public to take steps to mitigate the risks posed by AI. Mitigation steps include investing in research on safe and beneficial AI, developing international agreements to regulate the development and use of AI, and educating the public about the risks and benefits of AI.

7. iOS 17 Should Bring These Android 14 Features to iPhone (CNET)

CNET discusses the upcoming release of iOS 17 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 and how it should incorporate some of Android 14’s new features. Apple should include more lock screen customization options, such as the ability to change the size and design of the lock screen clock and add shortcuts to the lock screen. The article also suggests that Apple should add more widget spaces to the iPhone’s lock screen.

8. Microsoft found a macOS exploit that could completely bypass System Integrity Protection (Apple Insider)

Microsoft has discovered a vulnerability in macOS that could allow an attacker to bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP). SIP is a security feature that helps to protect macOS from malware and other attacks. The vulnerability, which Microsoft has dubbed “Migraine,” is related to the macOS Migration Assistant tool. Migration Assistant is a tool that helps users transfer data from one Mac to another. Microsoft has reported the vulnerability to Apple, and Apple has released a security update that patches the vulnerability.

9. Microsoft may have given us a reason to switch to Edge with this new feature (TechRadar)

Microsoft Edge has added mouse gesture support for testing in its preview versions. This means that users can now perform actions such as back, forward, reload, and zoom in and out with their mouse. To enable mouse gesture support, users need to add a command to Edge’s shortcut. Microsoft has not officially announced this feature, but it is available for anyone to use.

10. Brave browser 1.52 for desktop released with a vertical tabs option (Tech Help Knowledgebase)

Brave, the privacy-focused web browser, added a new feature called vertical tabs in its 1.52 release. Vertical tabs allow users to organize their open tabs vertically on the left side of the browser window. Collapse vertical tabs to save space, or rearrange them via drag and drop.

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