Upload Instagram photos from a PC or Mac

Upload Instagram photos from a PC or Mac

Last updated: May 17, 2020 

Not everyone uses Instagram in the same way, or for the same reason. If you are just a gawker, checking out Instagram accounts on a PC or Mac works great. But if you are a content creator too, your Instagram actions may require the skill, finesse, and deliberation afforded by desktop or laptop software. That is where Instagram becomes problematic. Instagram is completely geared toward mobile device usage when it comes to uploading photos. Instagram makes uploading photos from a PC or Mac difficult, but it is possible (even easy).

If you visit Instagram’s website from a web browser on your PC or Mac, or from the official Instagram app for Windows, you won’t find the upload button. Yes, there are browser extensions to enable Instagram photo uploads, but not provided by Instagram itself. What if you could kill two birds with one stone? For example, while solving the Instagram upload issue from your PC or Mac, you also upgraded your computer’s web browser to a powerful new one. Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser for power users launched in 2015 and developed by the co-founder of Opera browser. Vivaldi is a top browser for many reasons. But with regard to using it for Instagram uploads, it is the only browser that has a feature that lets you do that without an extension.

Vivaldi Web Panels

The Web Panel feature in Vivaldi lets you keep one site open in a side tab while you view other sites in your main window. It creates a customizable split screen within the Vivaldi window. By default, a Web Panel window loads a site’s mobile version. When you add an Instagram web panel to Vivaldi, you get to use Instagram’s mobile site — which has the upload button — from your desktop or laptop.

Step 1. Download and install the latest version of Vivaldi web browser.

Download Vivaldi web browser

Step 2. Visit instagram.com in a Vivaldi window.

Step 3. Click the Add Web Panel plus button in Vivaldi’s left sidebar. Instagram’s web address auto fills in the input field, so press the plus button again to add Instagram. A new Instagram icon displays in the sidebar.

Click the Add Web Panel button

Step 4. Click the new Instagram Web Panel button, and sign in to your Instagram account. Follows us on Instagram while you’re there and we will follow you back.

Click the Instagram Web Panel button

Step 5. Click the plus sign at the base of the Instagram Web Panel to add a photo to Instagram from your computer. Options to edit, add a filter, caption, and tag it display before you upload it to Instagram. Click the Instagram Web Panel button again to hide the panel.

Click the plus sign button to upload your photo to Instagram

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