How to update Tor Browser

How to update Tor Browser

Last updated: April 26, 2024 

Tor Browser is a free web browser application developed by the Tor Project. It runs a specialized version of Firefox ESR that relays your communications around a global volunteer overlay network to hide your location and usage from surveillance. In doing so, Tor protects your personal privacy and freedom to communicate with others without fear of being monitored. It is important to update Tor Browser when new releases become available. New releases often include new features and security updates.

When launching a Tor Browser window, the Tor network anonymizes communication within that window. It also prevents the sites you visit from “fingerprinting” you. Websites use specific data about your web browser and computer to uniquely identify (fingerprint) and track you online. Sites gather and store the data and potentially use it to target you with appealing information or advertisements. Options for gathering data include placing and reading cookies on your devices and cross-referencing your IP address. By default, Tor Browser hides your IP address, and only retains cookies for a single session.

Automatic Updates

By default, Tor Browser automatically checks for updates and notifies you of an available update. A green up-arrow notification displays over the hamburger menu when an update becomes available. Click the menu icon, then click Restart to update Tor Browser. Tor Browser closes to install the update. Once completed, Tor Browser relaunches.

Restart to update Tor Browser

Manual Updates

You may also check for Tor Browser updates at any time. Click the menu icon, and choose Help > About Tor Browser.

Help About Tor Browser

The About Tor Browser window launches separately and begins checking for updates. If there is an available update, it starts downloading immediately.

Downloading update

Click the Restart to update Tor Browser button to complete the update.

Restart to update Tor Browser

Once completed, Tor Browser is up to date displays along with the version number.

Tor Browser is up to date

Tor Browser displays a “Tor Browser has been updated” page for your review when launched for the first time after each update. The page includes a link to see what’s new and to view the changelog.

Tor Browser has been updated

Watch the companion video to see how to update Tor Browser on a step by step basis.

To download the latest version of Tor Browser at any time, visit the Tor Project website.

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