How to update Microsoft Edge

How to update Microsoft Edge

Last updated: April 26, 2024 

Knowing how to update Microsoft Edge is wise because Microsoft updates its new Chromium-based web browser regularly with security fixes and new features. Edge is available for use on Windows (versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11), macOS, and Linux operating systems, and for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Microsoft officially released Edge on January 15, 2020. According to Net Marketshare, the new Microsoft Edge achieved an 8.84% worldwide market share within nine months of its launch, second only to Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge is now the default web browser on Windows 11, dethroning Microsoft Internet Explorer. Known internally as Project Anaheim, Microsoft announced the development of a Chromium-based version of Edge on December 6, 2018. Microsoft intended to replace the original EdgeHTML-based version with this new Edge version. Microsoft announced at its Build 2020 developer conference that all Windows 10 devices will automatically receive the newest Edge iteration to replace the original version in a measured roll-out “over the next few weeks.”

About Microsoft Edge

Updates often include important security fixes. If you are currently running a version of Microsoft Edge, you may update Edge to the latest version by clicking the Settings and more button. The button is an icon with three horizontal dots located to the right of the web address bar. Select Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge:

Click the Settings and more button

Or you may type edge://settings/help into the address bar to navigate to the About window. Any available update will begin to download immediately. The progress of the download and update will display as a percentage in the About window.

Updating Microsoft Edge

Once downloaded and installed, a notification will display To finish updating, restart Microsoft Edge. To complete the update, click the Restart button to relaunch the web browser application.

To finish updating, restart Microsoft Edge.

When Edge relaunches, the About window informs you that Microsoft Edge is up to date.

Microsoft Edge is up to date

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