Tech Wrap-Up 8-15-2018

Tech Wrap-Up 8-15-2018

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Today’s Tech Wrap-Up

1. Google One now publicly available, new Google Store perks coming soon (9to5Google)

Recently open only to beta testers, the new Google One service is open to everyone. All Google accounts get 15 GB of storage for free. Google One offers paid tiers starting at 100 GB for $2 per month, all the way up to a 30 TB plan. Paid plans include access to Google experts, option to add your family, and extra member benefits.

2. New ransomware arrives with a hidden feature that hints at more sophisticated attacks to come (ZDNet)

The KeyPass ransomware began its spread on August 8, and impacts users in over 20 countries. The ransomware reportedly includes an option that allows an attacker to take manual control of the infected system.

3. Cisco patches router OS against new crypto attack on business VPNs (ZDNet)

Cisco’s patch is for IOS and IOS XE switch and router software. Cisco rates the vulnerability severity as Medium.

4. Amazon and Microsoft’s Alexa-Cortana hybrid is now available in preview (The Inquirer)

Early adopters get to say, “Hey Cortana. Open Alexa” or “Alexa. Open Cortana.” Have fun with that.

5. Delete old iOS backups to free up tons of space on your Mac (CNet)

The article’s writer was storing almost 100 GB of iPhone and iPad backups on their MacBook Pro for devices they didn’t even own anymore.

6. Square Cash expands bitcoin support to all 50 US states (The Verge)

Since January, Cash App users could use the app to buy Bitcoin. A handful of states restricted this activity until this week. Are you in one of those states?

7. Microsoft Releases Patches for 60 Flaws — Two Under Active Attack (The Hacker News)

Yes, it was Patch Tuesday again. Not only did Microsoft patch 60 flaws, so far there are no major issues reported with the update either.

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