Tech Wrap-Up 7-29-2022

Tech Wrap-Up 7-29-2022

Tech Wrap-Up 7-29-2022, which is Lasagna Day. Today is actually pizza night at my place where friends gather each week to indulge in homemade pizza pie and a selection of extraordinary wines. I could throw a curve ball on the unsuspecting and deliver plates of lasagna instead. In either case, we will enjoy Tums for dessert. While you decide which Italian delicacy to serve tonight, Tech Help Knowledgebase wraps up the day with a summary of today’s most engaging stories from our social media feeds. We order the story summaries below by user engagement (posts with the most likes, shares, clicks, hashtag clicks, and detail expands) and by the number of impressions received. Our human-curated social media feeds include links to technology news, how-to and help articles, and video tutorials for common issues.

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Today’s Tech Wrap-Up

1. Is Zero Trust segmentation the answer to mitigating ransomware threats? (Beta News)

A reason ransomware attacks are at an all-time high is because companies continue to migrate to cloud-based infrastructures. A recent research report from ESG discovered that 76 percent of IT professionals surveyed experienced at least one ransomware attack in the last 12 months. Even worse, a whopping 82 percent decided to pay the ransom to the tune of $495,000 on average. The motivation to pay a ransom stems from a fear of downtime and loss of critical data. Adopting zero-trust principles, where data and applications become isolated to protect against the spread of breaches across environments, may stem the proliferation of ransomware.

2. Google confirms its Game Dashboard is coming to other ‘select devices’ with Android 13 (Android Police)

Look for a Game Dashboard on some devices that support Android 13. It is not clear at this stage if the Dashboard may grace only the Pixel 6a smartphone or other devices that also support the upcoming Android release. Google’s tone on the subject suggests third-party phones may receive the Game Dashboard too.

3. How to organize your Google Drive with these 5 tips (ZDNet)

Is your Google Drive a mess with files strewn everywhere? If so, Jack Wallen over on ZDNet has a few suggestions for cleaning up your mess. Keep in mind that the tutorial covers Google Drive and not the individual apps like Docs and Sheets. Tips include organizing folders, color coding folders, using the Activity Sidebar, denoting important files with the Star feature, and using Advanced Search.

4. A clever trick has allowed Microsoft Edge to become faster than ever (Tech Radar)

The clever trick is compressing disk caches to improve Edge’s performance and speed. Another Edge optimization effort includes sleeping tabs, which use 32 percent less memory on average, and 37 percent less CPU usage. Microsoft hopes to improve Edge adoption through these performance enhancements.

5. The best Linux distros for gaming (Digital Trends)

PC gamers should know that Valve Steam Deck runs on Linux. In fact, 6,000 game titles exist for Steam running on Linux. But which Linux distributions are best for gaming? Digital Trends covers eight different Linux distros that may point you in the right direction. The distributions are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Elementary OS, Ubuntu Game Pack, Pop!_OS, Lakka, and Manjaro. Discover which one is best for you.

6. Command+N and Other Incredibly Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts I Use Daily (CNet)

Everyone knows the keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Paste, Select All, and Undo. But do you know how to use a keyboard shortcut to force-close an app or take a screenshot? This CNet piece covers six lesser-known but equally useful Mac keyboard shortcuts that use the Command key.

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