Tech Wrap-Up 5-12-2022

Tech Wrap-Up 5-12-2022

Tech Wrap-Up 5-12-2022, which is National Limerick Day. The limerick, popularized by Edward Lear, is a form of verse and a five-line poem. To be a limerick, a poem must have a single stanza, an AABBA rhyme scheme, and usually a comedic or crude subject (think “There once was a man from Nantucket”). You get the idea. While poets write limericks, Tech Help Knowledgebase wraps up each day with a summary of today’s most engaging stories from our social media feeds. We order the story summaries below by user engagement (posts with the most likes, shares, clicks, hashtag clicks and detail expands) and by the number of impressions received. Our human-curated social media feeds include links to technology news, how-to and help articles, and video tutorials for common issues.

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Today’s Tech Wrap-Up

1. DuckDuckGo slams Google’s new tracking systems (Tech Radar)

Internet search engine DuckDuckGo takes issue with Google’s strategy to replace third-party cookies with new tracking technologies. Google Topics groups the web into specific topics and then associates a user’s identification with their interest in those topics. FLEDGE lets Chrome deploy targeted ads to users based on their browsing history. DuckDuckGo believes that the targeting and tracking of users will still happen under the new Privacy Sandbox tech.

2. Actively Exploited Zero-Day Bug Patched by Microsoft (Threatpost)

Another day, another zero-day. Out of the 73 security flaws patched by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday, one is being used in man-in-the-middle attacks (CVE-2022-26925). Microsoft designated seven other flaws in the update as Critical. If you are not accustomed to updating your software when you see the word “zero-day,” you should be. We recommend users update Windows immediately.

3. How to use File History in Windows 10 and 11 (Computerworld)

Windows users who back up their computers regularly already know about File History. It is essential to have a viable backup of your PC in the event of a catastrophic event. Since File History is off by default, the first step is turning it on. The second step is selecting which folders to include in the backup. Check out the article from Computerworld for how to make these changes on Windows 10 versus Windows 11.

4. This hidden Android feature will boost your phone’s security — try it now (Tom’s Guide)

Secure Folder is all about encrypting sensitive files, apps, and folders on your Android phone (sorry, only files and folders on Google phones). Tom’s Guide guides you through the process of activating this feature on Samsung and Google phones.

5. Google Chrome 101 updated with 13 security fixes. Update as soon as possible. (Tech Help Knowledgebase)

Google released an update to version 101 of its Chrome browser. The update includes 13 security fixes, 8 of which have a High severity rating. Chrome is great about updating itself automatically. Check out our article on how to update Chrome manually if you do not want to wait for an automatic update.

6. Time to upgrade your PC? These versions of Windows 10 just got their last ever security patches (ZDNet)

Are you at the end of the road? PC users running Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 1909 are at the end of their roads. As part of Patch Tuesday this week, Microsoft released the final security patch for these older Windows versions. If you are among those running the older versions, consider updating Windows 11 if your PC supports the upgrade.

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