Router Checker: Be safe from DNS hijacking

Router Checker: Be safe from DNS hijacking

Last updated: October 19, 2017 

Recent router malware news should have you on alert.  The potential for Domain Name System (DNS) hijacking is a serious cause for concern. The safety and security of your computer system, and personal information, may be at risk.  DNS servers are responsible for directing Internet traffic.  They translate domain names, like, into the IP address of the server where the content is located.  This helps you navigate to web sites by using a domain name, rather than trying to remember an obscure IP address.

Your home router utilizes specific DNS servers so your traffic routes to the correct location.  The DNS servers are often operated by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), presumably a safe and responsible provider.  Much like your computer or your cell phone, your router is also prone to attack.  With a DNS hijacking, your home router is re-configured without your knowledge to point away from the ISP’s DNS servers to “rogue DNS servers.”  As the name implies, attackes create rogue DNS servers to direct your traffic to dubious resources that they control.  Such destinations may seem innocuous on the surface, and even familiar.  If a web site looks and feels safe to you, then you may be tricked into inputting personal information. You may not be aware that undetectable malware is being installed on your computer.

Router Checker from F-Secure is a free and easy-to-use online resource for checking your router to see if it has been the subject of a DNS hijacking.  F-Secure is a Finnish online security and privacy company founded in 1988.  Checking your router requires no download or installation.  Just visit the Router Checker web site, and click the Start now button.

The test completes in just a few seconds.  Results of the test, and details about your router’s DNS server, display within the Router Checker web page.  Keep in mind that the results of the test will display the IP address information about the DNS server used by your router. It may not be the IP address assigned to your computer.

Add Router Checker to your privacy and security toolbox for a new layer of personal protection.

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