Free new password meter offers feedback and advice

Free new password meter offers feedback and advice

Last updated: February 12, 2018 

Free new password meter offers feedback Watch the Video: New password meter offers real-time feedback

Using the same password for multiple accounts is a 21st-century no-no. Coming up with a new and different password for every account you have is not only tedious but time-consuming. Shortcuts are helpful, but should not be taken at the expense of your security. A free new password meter offers feedback and advice so you can create more secure passwords.

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago developed a new kind of password meter. The meter is different from traditional password generators because it shows you in real time why your password is bad and suggests how to make it better. The feedback helps you create a more secure password without making it any harder to remember.

According to a Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science press release, “The meter employs an artificial neural network — a large, complex map of information that resembles the way neurons behave in the brain. The network “learns” by scanning millions of existing passwords and identifying trends. If the meter detects a characteristic in a password that it knows attackers may guess, it tells the user.”

Create a password

Visit the password meter demo page to create a new password. Start typing a password into the Password field. The Username and Confirm Password fields do not appear to impact the password feedback. Once you have input at least 8 characters, the password meter provides real-time feedback about the quality of your password. A password strength indicator changes from orange to green as your password quality improves. Use the feedback to improve the security of your password.

Free new password meter offers feedback

Password Feedback

At any time, check the Show Password & Detailed Feedback box to display your password in plain text and specific information about how to improve its quality. The password meter also displays a better choice based on the password you input.

Free new password meter offers feedback

If you copy/paste the better password choice back into the Password field, the password strength indicator will turn green.

Free new password meter offers feedback

The password meter is open source, and available on GitHub.

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