Five vulnerabilities patched in Flash Player August 2018 update

Five vulnerabilities patched in Flash Player August 2018 update

The Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team updated security bulletins for Adobe Flash Player in a blog post today, with five vulnerabilities patched in Flash Player. Adobe assigned them an Important severity rating. The vulnerabilities impact Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS operating systems running Flash Player (Windows, Mac) and earlier. Refer to the Affected Product Versions chart for specific product and version information for each platform. The Important rating means, “A vulnerability, which, if exploited would compromise data security, potentially allowing access to confidential data, or could compromise processing resources in a user’s computer.”

Adobe assigned the Flash Player vulnerabilities a Priority 2 rating, except for Linux (Priority 3). Vulnerabilities categorized as Priority 2 have an elevated risk, but no known exploits. Adobe recommends applying the update that resolves the vulnerabilities as soon as possible by updating to Flash Player Refer to the Solution chart for the specific updated version for each platform.

Check your computer to see which version of Flash Player is installed. If you see a notification that your Flash Player installation is out of date, update your computer’s Flash Player installation.

Certain web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, already have Flash Player built-in. As such, Chrome will automatically update itself when new versions of Flash Player are available. Nonetheless, it is always a good practice to check for updates yourself. You are responsible for keeping yourself safe while online.

It has been one month since Adobe last released security updates for Flash Player. On July 10, 2018, Adobe released an update that patched two vulnerabilities in Flash Player.

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