Firefox 69.0 Released

Firefox 69.0 Released

Mozilla released Firefox 69.0 on September 3, 2019, with Enhanced Tracking Prevention (ETP) enabled by default, enhanced Block Autoplay, the “Always Activate” option removed for Flash content, and more. Firefox ESR users also move from ESR version 68.0esr to 68.1esr with this release. Firefox is a free web browser application developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It installs on desktop and laptop computers running Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Mobile Firefox versions exist for both Android and iOS devices. We recommend updating your Firefox installation as soon as possible.

Firefox 69 fixes one critical security flaw reported by Ping Fan (Zetta) Ke of VXRL working with iDefense Labs. CVE-2019-11751 fixes a flaw that could be used to write a log file to an arbitrary location like the Windows Startup folder (impacts Firefox on Windows only).

To improve the security and privacy of Firefox users, Mozilla enabled Standard ETP by default in Firefox 69. In doing so, ETP now blocks third-party tracking cookies and cryptominers by default. Users have the option of choosing the Strict setting to also block fingerprinters.

Firefox content blocking

Firefox 69 adds the option to block all video that starts playing automatically instead of just those with sound.

Firefox Autoplay Settings

As most browsers march forward with plans to deprecate Flash content by the end of 2020, Firefox 69 takes a step in that direction too. Firefox no longer displays an option to “Always Activate” Flash for a specified site. Instead, users must give each site permission to activate Flash as detected.

Firefox Flash settings

Watch the companion video to see how to use the Firefox 69 features on a step by step basis.

Firefox is known for private browsing, tracking protection, and faster page loading. With Private Browsing, the browser blocks online trackers and clears your search and browsing history when you’re done. Built-in tracking protection blocks third-party content that tracks you as you surf the web. The performance benefit of tracking protection is up to 44% faster page load times.

Firefox is highly customizable with thousands of extensions, themes, and a drag-and-drop toolbar. With a Firefox account, users have the option to sync settings, passwords, and bookmarks across all of their devices. Multi-account containers are unique to Firefox so users can separate their personal, work and shopping browsing without the need to log out of accounts or switch browsers. With up to 30% less memory usage than Chrome, Firefox is fast — very fast.

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