Firefox 68.0 Released

Firefox 68.0 Released

Mozilla released Firefox 68.0 on July 9, 2019, with improved extension security and discovery, a redesigned add-ons manager, dark mode improvements to reader view, WebRender for AMD GPUs, and more. Firefox ESR users also move from ESR version 60 to 68.0esr with this release. Firefox is a free web browser application developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It installs on desktop and laptop computers running Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Mobile Firefox versions exist for both Android and iOS devices. We recommend updating your Firefox installation as soon as possible.

Firefox 68 fixes two critical security flaws reported by Mozilla developers and community. CVE-2019-11709 and CVE-2019-11710 fix memory safety bugs that showed evidence of memory corruption that could be exploited to run arbitrary code.

The redesigned add-ons manager lists enabled and disabled extensions separately on the Manage Your Extensions page. The options to enable/disable and remove individual extensions moves to a three-dot menu that also includes a new option to Report an extension if you encounter security and performance issues. Firefox 68 also adds a new Recommended Extensions section to the Manage Your Extensions page.

Manage Your Extensions

Firefox is known for private browsing, tracking protection, and faster page loading. With Private Browsing, the browser blocks online trackers and clears your search and browsing history when you’re done. Built-in tracking protection blocks third-party content that tracks you as you surf the web. The performance benefit of tracking protection is up to 44% faster page load times.

Firefox is highly customizable with thousands of extensions, themes, and a drag-and-drop toolbar. With a Firefox account, users have the option to sync settings, passwords, and bookmarks across all of their devices. Multi-account containers are unique to Firefox so users can separate their personal, work and shopping browsing without the need to log out of accounts or switch browsers. With up to 30% less memory usage than Chrome, Firefox is fast — very fast.

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