Firefox 38 released with HTML5 playback support of DRM content

Last updated: April 13, 2016 

Firefox 38 released with HTML5 playback support of DRM content

[Update June 2, 2015: Firefox 38.0.5 was released today. There are 3 primary features of interest: improvements to Firefox Hello, a new Reader View, and the ability to keep track of articles and videos via Pocket. Make sure to keep your Firefox installation up to date!]

Mozilla has released Firefox 38 today, an update to its web browser for desktop and mobile. As described in the release notes, Firefox 38 brings support to the desktop for HTML5 playback of video and audio content controlled by Digital Rights Management (DRM). This is accomplished through an integration with the Adobe Content Decryption Module (CDM). By supporting DRM-controlled content to be played in Firefox when inside an HTML5 video tag, Firefox users can view content from sites like Netflix.

In a blog post today from the Mozilla Blog entitled Update on Digital Management and Firefox, it states:

Today, Firefox includes an integration with the Adobe Content Decryption Module (CDM) to playback DRM-wrapped content. The CDM will be downloaded from Adobe shortly after you upgrade or install Firefox and will be activated when you first interact with a site that uses Adobe CDM. Premium video services, including Netflix, have started testing this solution in Firefox.

For those who may be miffed by the inclusion of the new support for DRM-controlled content, don’t despair. Firefox 38 includes a way to disable the Adobe CDM if you don’t want it. Mozilla is also offering a version of Firefox 38 without the CDM enabled by default.

A new tab-based Preferences interface has been added in this release. To access it, type about:preferences in the address bar, or select Options from the Firefox 38 main menu button. The new interface allows users to configure preferences in a web browser tab rather than in a separate dialog.

Also making it into Firefox 38 is support for Ruby HTML5 mark-up. Ruby is used to add extra text annotations to some Asian languages to help with the pronunciation or meaning of the characters.

Firefox 38 also includes 13 security fixes, 5 of which are listed as Critical.

For information on updating your Firefox installation to Firefox 38, visit our How can I update Firefox? article.


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