Brave Browser 0.68.131 Released

Brave Browser 0.68.131 Released

Last updated: August 29, 2019 

Brave Software, Inc., of San Francisco, announced the release of Brave Browser 0.68.131 on August 21, 2019. Brave is a free web browser application (download here) available for desktop and laptop computers running Windows (Windows 7 or later), Mac (OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later), and Linux (64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+, Debian 8+, openSUSE 13.3+, or Fedora Linux 24+). The browser is also available for mobile devices running iOS and Android. Brave’s current CEO, Brendan Eich, is the creator of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of the Mozilla project.

Brave 0.68.131 introduced several key new features. The first is the ability to tip Reddit and Vimeo publishers using Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). For example, in much the same way as Twitter, an option to tip Brave-verified Reddit users for their posts now displays to Brave browser users.

Reddit BAT tip icon

Click the Tip icon to send a BAT tip for a Reddit post you like. When the Tip amount window launches, choose a BAT tip amount, then click the Send My Tip button.

Choose tip amount the click Send

A blue check mark within the Brave Rewards/BAT button in Brave’s address bar signifies that you are visiting a Brave Verified Creator who is eligible to receive BAT tips.

Brave Verified Creator

In addition to the new option to tip Reddit and Vimeo publishers, the new Brave release makes it possible to hide background images on the new tab page, and to select a default search engine at the time you first install Brave. See the complete release notes below for further details.

Watch the companion video to see how to use the new Brave browser 0.68.131 features on a step by step basis.

Brave 0.68.131 Release Notes

  • Added ability to tip Reddit publishers. (#4745)
  • Added ability to tip Vimeo publishers. (#4391)
  • Added ability for users to hide background images on the new tab page. (#4523)
  • Added ability to select default search engine during onboarding. (#1548)
  • Replaced adblock library with new Rust based library. (#4793)
  • Replaced PDF.js in favor of PDFium. (#3846)
  • Disabled field trials. (#4283)
  • Combined Trackers Blocked and Ads Blocked under the new tab page. (#5273)
  • Updated order of brave://settings sections for popularity and complexity. (#4108)
  • Updated labels on brave://settings/shields and Brave Shields panel for consistency. (#3589)
  • Updated macOS installer graphics. (#1105)
  • Updated dialog box text when installing extensions. (#3231)
  • Removed sliding notification animation in URL bar. (#3751)
  • Removed settings button from ad notification on Linux (Gnome). (#4231)
  • Fixed publisher “Thank you” banner not being automatically dismissed. (#4590)
  • Fixed ad notifications not being displayed until browser restart after toggling Brave ads off and on. (#4748)
  • Fixed dynamically generated PDFs not loading properly. (#884)
  • Fixed PDFs inside of popup windows not loading. (#3119)
  • Fixed unable to print from Google Drive. (#3694)
  • Fixed inability to fill out online PDFs. (#5033)
  • Fixed PDFs not loading in certain cases. (#4424)
  • Fixed inability to hide bookmarks bar on new tab page. (#1306)
  • Fixed URL bar not showing full URL. (#2192)
  • Fixed interception of media keys. (#3807)
  • Fixed display mismatch between main view and detailed view under Brave Shields when blocking scripts. (#4228)
  • Fixed cosmetic filter not working in certain cases. (#4417)
  • Fixed inability to play Amazon music. (#3308)
  • Fixed display issue on brave://downloads. (#5330)

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