A tabbed user interface for Notepad on Windows 11

A tabbed user interface for Notepad on Windows 11

Last updated: March 26, 2023 

Windows 11, the latest operating system from Microsoft, includes many new features and improvements. One of the most notable new additions is the tabbed user interface for Notepad. The Notepad app, included with every Windows version since 1983, is a simple text editor. The new tabbed interface, similar in implementation to the new tabbed File Explorer interface in Windows 11, makes it easier for users to manage and navigate between multiple text files.

Before the tabbed Windows 11 version, Notepad was a standalone application with a single window for editing text. The single window meant that users had to open multiple Notepad instances in order to work on multiple text files, a cumbersome and confusing end-user experience. With the new tabbed interface, users can now open multiple text files in a single Notepad instance, with each file represented by a tab.

The new Notepad interface tabs are intuitive and easy to use. Open a new text file by clicking the New Tab button. Users toggle between tabs by clicking on them or using a keyboard shortcut. The tabs also show content previews for each text file making it easy to find the file you need.

The new Notepad interface also provides several other helpful features. For example, users can now easily save, open, and close text files from within the tabs themselves. A new File Explorer button also exists to provide quick access to the file system so users can easily find and open the text files they need.

In addition, the new Notepad interface is highly customizable, allowing users to change the color and appearance of the tabs and move them to different positions within the interface. Improved customization makes it easy to personalize the Notepad experience and makes it more comfortable to use.

The new tabbed interface for Notepad in Windows 11 is a major improvement for users who work with text files. Tabs make it easier to manage multiple text files, toggle between files more rapidly, and customize the interface to suit your requirements. If you are looking for a simple text editor that’s easy to use and provides a wealth of features, then the new tabbed Notepad app in Windows 11 is a perfect choice. Windows Insiders are testing the tabbed Notepad interface now. Look for it to arrive for everyone else in a Windows 11 update later this year.

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Image credit: Microsoft